Monday, January 5, 2009

Step 1 of 4

Good day everyone,

By now, most of us should have left Berlin and its deadly freezing climate for a warm shelter and, most importantly, a permanent internet connection ;)

As announced in my previous mail, being toughened by our experience at 25C3 and the C-base, we're about to embark for the final steps in building our hackerspace.
We will do this one step at a time, each step having the current weekend as a deadline. I.e. the deadline for this step is Sunday, January 11th @ 11:59 pm. Step 2 will then, depending on the outcome of the previous step, be announced on Monday 12th.

The first step is to finalize the Non-Profit-Organisation's statutes.
There's already been some discussion going on and a number of changes have been made to the text. Everyone should read through the document and the comments once again to see if he agrees and then discuss what he likes or dislikes on the wiki talk page or the hackerspace mailing list.

You can also still become a founding member if you haven't said so already.

Here's the link:
Happy text hacking!

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