Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Luxembourgian Blogosphere. A Landscape

I've been playing around on a lot lately and one of the main issues I've been enquiring on was the Luxembourgian blogosphere (in relation to Note the fact that this graph show only sites that have at least two incoming links, that are, so to speak, co-linked.

Besides the fact that doesn't get enough incoming links, there are more interesting things to see on this illustration. The most obvious thing being the central position of If you get a close look at the sites he links at, you'll see that they're of all couleurs and various ideologies, from the extremist left to the extremist right. Ok, this is certainly not a qualitative survey of that blog's contents, but nevertheless, this seems to be a blog that keeps it all together.

Another interesting fact is also the concentration (or shall we call it 'blogrolling') of leftist and green people's blogs. Those would be,, and so on)

On the lower left hand site, there are more technology related blogs, including' wiki page.

I'll see whether specific issues can be determined and relationships between the blogs and their authors can be further investigated. Keep you posted.

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