Saturday, March 6, 2010

HaxoGreen 2010 - A hacker's summercamp

After last year's initial success, the Luxembourgian Hackerspace syn2cat and the Chaos Computer Club Lëtzebuerg, once again organize a summer-camp for hackers and technology enthusiasts from Luxembourg and its surroundings.

HaxoGreen 2010, a pun on the leetspeak term 'h4x0r3d' will take place from July 22nd till July 25th in the southern town Dudelange in Luxembourg.

Whether you want to attend lectures and workshops, hack on your projects or just share 3 midsummer nights outdoors, socializing with other hackers, artists and geeks, HaxoGreen is the place to be. No need to be a 1337 H4X0r, we welcome all inquisitive people from around the globe.

Registration for HaxoGreen is open since February 23rd and early registration is highly recommended as there's only a limited number of tickets available. The camp is a comparatively small and cosy event that lives from its visitors participation. You may submit your lecture or workshop idea on the following or other topics at the camp's Participate! page:
  • Green IT and Green Hacks
  • Virtualized Environments
  • Cloud Computing
  • Darknets and Hackerspaces
  • Computer Security Incident Response and Mitigation
  • Do-it-yourself Science
  • Molecular Gastronomy
  • Wilderness Survival Tactics
  • Amateur Robotics
  • Radio and Mobile Communications (GNURadio, etc.)
  • Electronic Art (vj, dj, installations etc.)
  • Net Neutrality, Intellectual Property and Privacy Aspects
  • Active/Liquid Democracy and Political Activism
  • Sustainable Housing and eco-friendly Living
Hope to see you there!